Why Plan Your Wedding Alone? 


Glam Destination Weddings

  • Are you looking to find the one destination that will deliver your picture-perfect background without blowing your budget?  

  •  You are dreaming of a unique event for the deserving couple that you are, but are not sure what vendors can make it all happen for you?  

  • Are you super excited but at the same time feeling overwhelmed by so much information?  

  • You are not looking forward to spending tons of your time trying to keep up through all the details, e-mails, logistics, the reservations and coordination for all your guests? 

  • Wouldn't it be nice to have the peace of mind that your special event is being planned by experts?

Answered yes to any of the questions above? Then we should talk!  

As a former beach bride, I've been there! As a certified wedding planner, I understand what it takes to plan a wedding. 

Planning the perfect Destination Wedding could make you feel crazy, 

sometimes frustrated, and it takes LOTS of your time. 

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way.  

You can work with someone who listens, who gets the details and that also has invested years of her life in learning the ins and outs of group travel with event planning. 

I plan stunning destination weddings, group vacations, and honeymoons. 


As a travel advisor, I've had the opportunity to stay and inspect most of the properties that are wedding capable in various destinations. I can be assertive when recommending options to you. 

Your destination wedding is a ONCE in a lifetime kind of moment; it should be treated as such. 

Because I'm a Certified Destination Wedding Expert;

I can incredibly simplify things for you, guiding you with all components of the process. Helping you stay organized with super easy tools, recommending the right property for your desired atmosphere, the destination vendors that will deliver without a doubt! I coordinate all the travels for you and your guests while helping you make your dream destination wedding an enjoyable journey. 


Whether you envision an intimate gathering or if your ideal is bringing more than hundreds of friends and family with you? I got you.


  Open to one of our destinations of expertise?

Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, The Greek Islands, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Naples, FL.

Then the possibilities of rocking your event are endless. 


If you are ready for a stress-free wedding planning process, don't wait. Together we can work for that perfect event that will have you and your guests remembering with smiles for decades. Please don't wait any longer and book your free destination wedding planning session with me.

Glam Destination Weddings

  • At our consultation, I'm dedicating to you 45 minutes of expert time where you can ask me as much as you like without any pressure.  

  • We will discuss what your ideal wedding looks like and what your needs are. I ask that you schedule a time where you can be free of distractions so that you can take full advantage of our time.

  • I will provide information about our Wedding packages. If you feel we are a match to work together, then, will follow up with the next step to start creating your most beautiful and unique event. 

Why stress throughout your planning? After all, this is a beautiful stage in your life you deserve to enjoy it.

A few of the benefits of working with me:


  1. Easy to understand talk on contract terms, weddings, and destination choices, budgeting tricks, destination legal requirements. 

  2.  Save time by delegating all reservations to us and save money by taking advantage of the private vendors that are exclusive to travel advisors. I only work with suppliers who stand by their word and their services and by the way, we also offer the most flexible payment plans that you and your guest can benefit from. I shop and negotiate rates on your behalf to maximize the benefits that your party will receive by working your stay and your event strategically. 

  3. You and your guests will be treated with kindness and respect. I pride myself as being a friendly professional that delivers a personalized experience each and every time; this is usually highly appreciated by my past clients. 

  4. I'm fully bilingual. Working with me eliminates any miscommunications when dealing with vendors in foreign countries.  

  5. You will receive your own personalized website for your wedding. 

  6. I also travel to be of help, the day of your wedding if you feel you need it. 


Are you ready to make this event as glamorous and enjoyable as it can be? Let's make it happen! Book your destination wedding planning session today!